S26 – Thursday Division – Week 2 – Oct 4th 2018

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Week 2 – October 4th, 2018 

Charles Dickens 7:00-8:30pm (Map)

Court 1 – Tier B
The Punishers
Nguyen-Nguyen Situation
Dragon Dodge Z
Court 2 – Tier D
Sushi Go!!
Balls of Duty
Dip, Duck, Dive, and Dodge

Charles Dickens 8:30-10:00pm (Map)

Court 1 – Tier A
MonMons NomNoms
C U Next Thursday
C-lai Dodgers
Court 2 – Tier A
Cookies n’ Cream
Pinky and the Gains
Lilrod’s Hot Rods
Disney’s Recess: School’s Out!

David Thompson Secondary  7:00-8:30pm (Map)

Court 1 – Tier C
All Dodge No Ball
Feel My Thunda
Big Ball Club
Court 2 – Tier C
Game of Throws
Lantern Corps
Peeking Ducks

David Thompson Secondary 8:30-10:00pm (Map)

Court 1 – Tier B
Dodge City Superheroes
Grass Jelly
Bottoms UP!
Court 2 – Tier D
Team Sex Appeal
Ping of the Hill
Blood, Sweat and Beer
Dodge City

Oppenheimer Elementary 7:00-8:30pm (Map)

Court 1 – Tier A
Mo Resets Mo Problems
Chun Yat and Dave’s Hot Pot
K-Pop All-Stars
Feshly Baked Muffins
Court 2 – Tier C
Team Ray
Going Postal
Balls Optional

Oppenheimer Elementary 8:30-10:00pm (Map)

Court 1 – Tier B
( o )( o )
Leftover Jerseys
Court 2 – Tier D
Snake People
Who Framed Dodger Rabbit
The Dodgefathers
The Untouchaballs

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