Tournament of Champions 2019

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VDL will be hosting its annual Tournament of Champions this summer. The tournament aims to expand the size of our dodgeball community by inviting players from outside Vancouver to participate. Co-ed teams (min. 2 females) will compete against one another representing their respective dodgeball league or city to determine who the best of the best truly is.
Not only will this be a great opportunity to see some of the best dodgeball in the city but you will also get a chance to meet other enthusiastic and passionate dodgeball players.
The entire weekend will consist of an intro night/meet&greet for all players, one full day of round robin play and a double-elimination playoff on the final day. In between the two days of dodgeball will be a pub night where players can unwind and mingle before they ultimately go back to destroying one another on the courts. You can choose to play in the Competitive division or the Open Division. The best part is proceeds from the tournament will go towards supporting the Boys and Girls Club of Vancouver.
What: An incredible 2 day Tournament with both Competitive and Open Divisions
Who: Players from Dodgeball Leagues all around the Lower Mainland and North America
When: June 14-16, 2019

Team Fee: $300 plus tax
Singles Registration fee: $60 plus tax
Visit our Facebook Group Page for more details: Tournament of Champions
Register your team here: VDL Registration
**NOTE: Please note that space is limited and in the event more teams from VDL sign up than the allotted number of spots available, VDL will host a qualifying tournament in June to determine which teams will enter the tournament

** Update **

Tournament Schedule:

Friday: Open Gym
Location: David Thompson Secondary Main Gym (1755 E 55th Ave, Vancouver)
Time: 7pm to 9pm

If you are new to our style of dodgeball, we have an open gym where you can familiarize yourself with the rules and ask us as many questions as you’d like. Even if you’ve played with our rules before, it’s still a great opportunity to get warmed up for the tournament.

Friday: Player Meet and Greet
Location: Indochine on Fraser (6231 Fraser St, Vancouver)
Time: 9pm to midnight

The Meet and Greet is very casual and it’s usually a time for old friends to be reacquainted and for new friendships to form before all the action begins. Come early and enjoy some free food and drinks while supplies last.

Saturday: Round Robin
Location: David Thompson Secondary School, 1755 E 55th Ave, Vancouver, BC
Time: 9am to 6pm

Teams will play in different groups of 4 throughout the day. Each team plays 3 games against every team in their respective group of four. Playoff seeding will be based on total wins at the end of round robin, with the first tie breaker being head to head match-up.

Saturday: Pub Night
Location: London Pub (700 Main St, Vancouver)
Time: 730pm to close

It’s always been our tradition to show our players a great time so they want to come back. Come out for free beer, free prizes and free smiles! This event is not to be missed.

Sunday: Playoffs
Location: David Thompson Secondary School (1755 E 55th Ave, Vancouver)
Time: 9am to 530pm

It will be a best 3 out of 5, double elimination playoff format. We will start by completing any remaining games for the competitive division round robin. It will be followed by the Open Division Playoffs and once their playoffs finish, we will go into the Competitive Division Playoffs. Every team makes the playoffs!

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