S29 – Thursday Division – Week 3 – Feb 27th, 2020

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Week 3 – February 27th, 2020

Charles Dickens 7:00-8:30pm (Map)

Court 1 – Tier B
Old Dodge New Trick
Nguyen-Nguyen Situation
C-lai Dodgers
Court 2 – Tier D
Up the Washoo
Young Scallions
Body Shots
Sushi Go!! – Party Tray

Charles Dickens 8:30-10:00pm (Map)

Court 1 – Tier A
Chun Yat and Dave’s Hot Pot
Cookies n’ Cream
Disney’s Recess: School’s Out!
Court 2 – Tier C
Fluster Cucks
Game of Throws
Sushi Go!!

David Thompson Secondary  7:00-8:30pm (Map)

Court 1 – Tier C
All Dodge No Balls
Last Minute
Balls of Duty
Snake People
Court 2 – Tier D
Dodge It Like It’s Hot
Not in the face
Team Titans

David Thompson Secondary 8:30-10:00pm (Map)

Court 1 – Tier B
T-Rolls 2.0
Jerry Can
Big Ball Club
Court 2 – Tier A
Turbo Time
MonMon’s NomNoms
OG Cereal Killers
Aloha, Beaches

Sir Wilfred Grenfell Elementary 7:00-8:30pm (Map)

Court 1 – Tier B
Awkward Penguins
Feel My Thunda
Super Nerdy Subs
Do It For Goku
Court 2 – Tier D
Balls Optional
This Way That Way
The Divine Fockers
Fresh From The Desk

Sir Wilfred Grenfell Elementary 8:30-10:00pm (Map)

Court 1 – Tier A
K-Pop All-Stars
Mo Resets Mo Problems
Ligma Balls
Court 2 – Tier ?

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