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Dodge Safe #6: Ankle Sprains

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Last season, there seemed to be a higher number of ankle sprains suffered by VDL players. I saw players spraining…


Schrödinger’s Catch

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Dodge Savage is a long-time veteran of the courts. Years of experience have honed his skills and endowed him with…


Become a VDL Exec!

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The Vancouver Dodgeball League is a non-profit organization run entirely by a tight-knit team of passionate volunteers. We’re committed to…


Dodge Safe #5: Headshots and Concussions

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Headshots or throws to the head can hurt: your face, your pride, or both. Over the past several seasons, our…


S16 Photo Week

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This just in: our resident photographers will be making their rounds on the courts Week 3: Monday, September 30th to…


Dodgebalding for Dollars Tournament

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Let your hair down and get your dodge on at VDL’s Dodgebalding for Dollars tournament! On Sept. 21st, VDL is…


S16 Beginners Skills Clinic

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Raise your game & raise the bar at our Skills Clinic! With autumn just around the corner, it can only…