S30 – Tuesday Division – Week 8 – Apr 12, 2022

Posted on April 11, 2022 at 1:35 pm |
  • Week 8 – Apr 12th, 2022

Charles Dickens 8:15-10:00pm (Map)

Court 1
Dodge Deez Balls
Keith’s GI Distress
Willier’s Wonkas
New Shanghai’d yo kids hide yo wife
Court 2
Diamond Hands
Snoop Dodge
The Great Balls of China

Boys and Girls Club (Victoria Dr) 8:15-10:00pm (Map)

Court 1
No Slaps for Sung
Lord of the Balls
Social Club
Yam’s Team

David Thompson 8:15-10:00pm (Map)

Court 1
Chocolate Factory
Sex, Beers, and JT
Cream Fillings
Court 2
A Bit Dodgy
Burning Burritos
In the Dodge House
Free Agency

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