Human Resources

Our Human Resources department develops VDL internally by: recruiting new volunteers and executives, developing and supporting existing ones, and creating a great working environment at VDL!


Our Marketing/Communications team market promotes VDL’s community and services to both current players and the general public. Marketing manages VDL’s creative side as well as sponsorship relationships. Communications serves as a gateway for the players and general public to VDL. Together, MarCom helps VDL foster and guide VDL’s community!

Information Technology

The IT Department is responsible for planning and implementing additions, deletions, and major modifications to the supporting IT infrastructure in coordination with Department Directors


Our Programs department oversees all Dodgeball related activities outside of regular league play, including, but not limited to: Skills Clinics, drop-in sessions, tournaments and youth programs.


Our Finance Department manages VDL’s assets and ensures that VDL’s financial resources are budgeted, tracked and spent with accountability.


Our Supply Department ensures that VDL has the necessary physical resources in order to operate.


If you’ve got some extra energy left after ruling the dodgeball courts and you’d like to join our team simply fill out the application form for the position you’re interested in and send it to us at no later than February 1, 2010.