S2 & S3 Registration Details & Perks

Hey y’all!

We would love to invite you back next season to do it all over again!

Season 2 & 3 is now open for registration!

We’re running 2 seasons in the first half of 2023, from January to February, then April to June.

S2 S3
Jan 10th – Feb 28th 2023 Apr 4th – Jun 13th 2023
Singles Co-ed Pairs Singles Co-ed Pairs
$70.00 $120.00 $95.00 $170.00
price/night price/night price/night price/night
$8.75 $15.00 $8.64 $15.45
Register for both (e-transfer only)
Singles Co-ed Pairs
$150 $260
price/night price/night
$7.89 $13.68
(e-transfers accepted via info@vidldodgeball.ca)
If you’re currently playing with another league in Nanaimo, send an e-mail to info@vidldodgeball.ca and receive a discount on your registration!
As a registered player, enjoy the perks:
  • No need to fumble around with e-transfers and cash at the gym
  • More cost efficient than drop-in
  • Free (or discounted) invites to exclusive events such as brewery tours, The Legendary Pub Night, the Tournament of Champions in Vancouver, etc.
  • Freebies and discounts from our generous sponsors/partners
  • The good karma that comes with supporting a non-profit dodgeball league

How do I register?

Step 1:
Create your profile if you didn’t register last season, then:


Step 2:
Choose your seasons (if registering for both – please do it once for each season and follow Step 4 closely.


Step 3:
Register as a Team or Player (note: Teams require 6-10 players)


Step 4:
If you’d like to pay by e-transfer, select “Draft League” from the dropdown menu or pay via PayPal as a “Free Agent” or “Free Agent Pair” aka Singles & Co-ed Pairs.


Step 5:
Pay via e-transfer (info@vidldodgeball.ca) or PayPal and start stretching for the next season!



Expect more big throws.
Expect more big catches.
Expect more big friendships.
Expect more big hangovers (re: The Legendary Pub Night).
Expect a large, welcoming, and diverse community from all walks of life.


Be good to each other.
Play dodgeball.


Questions or concerns, email register@vidldodgeball.ca
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