VIDL Season 5 & 6

Photo credits: Briden Spence

Hey y’all!
Season 5 & 6 Draft League is now open for registration in Nanaimo!

Season 5 Season 6
January 9th – March 26th 2024 (7-9pm) (Spring break – 2 weeks off) April 2nd – June 11th 2024 (7-9pm)
Singles Co-ed Pairs Co-ed group (6 players) Singles Co-ed Pairs Co-ed group (6 players)
$110.00 $210.00 $600.00 $110.00 $210.00 $600.00
Register for Season 5 & Season 6
Singles Co-ed Pairs Co-ed group (6 players)
$198 $378 $1,080
Only 48 registered spots available – 6 spots released at a time
*Drop-in players will fill in for absent players or join teams that want subs.
**VIDL players may register as they identify themselves and play as such, regardless of physical sex characteristics or where they may be in any transition between genders. We believe that everyone is free to identify, label, and define themselves as the gender identity that makes the most sense to them.

Our draft league in Nanaimo will usher you into a world of great dodgeball with the most widely used ruleset in BC. Come touch our premium balls that have hit, grazed, and deflected into every body part of a player’s body since 2004. Bounce them. Hold 2. Hold 5! Catch 1! Catch 2! Pass them to a teammate! Throw (Han) solo or as a team (crazy concept)!

Photo credits: Briden Spence

Season 5 & 6’s draft league will expand on our growing dodgeball community with veteran players stepping up to captain the next wave of new players.

Once registered, you’ll be assessed on Exhibition Week (if you have not played with us before) so we can draft you onto a team that will thrive with your skillset (newbies are the best!).

If you prefer to have a buddy stay with you when teams are being created, please let us know.

4-8 teams of 6 players will then be created to compete for The Belt starting Week 2.
Photo credits: Briden Spence

A typical league night looks like:

  • 4 teams per court
  • 2 teams playing, other 2 teams will provide 2 players to ref
  • Play each team on your court 5 games and record the wins
  • Once your team has played 15 games, we’ll transition to our Big Ass Dodgeball Games with all the players in the gym
  • Pack up and head to the pub!

As a registered player, enjoy the perks:

  • Free Legendary Pub Night ticket (current record: 22 pitchers poured for players)
  • Belong to a team of new and familiar faces (great for newcomers to Nanaimo)
  • More cost efficient than drop-in
  • No need to fumble around with e-transfers and cash at the gym
  • Freebies and discounts from our generous sponsors/partners
  • Subsidy towards playing in the Tournament of Champions in Vancouver
  • The good karma that comes with supporting a non-profit dodgeball league

How do I register?

Step 1:

19+ Sign your waiver!

Step 2:

Pay via e-transfer ( stating in the memo your:

  • Full name
  • Season # (5, 6, or 5+6) & type of registration (drop-in, single, co-ed pair, co-ed group of 6)

Questions or concerns, email