Board of Directors


The Board of Directors (BOD) consist of members who are legally responsible for VDL as a non-profit organization under the BC Societies Act. They are in charge of developing the structures and strategies needed to help VDL grow and flourish. The BOD are ultimately accountable for the decisions made on behalf of the organization. They appoint the ED and hold him/her ultimately accountable for the operations of the organization. BOD members do not have executive power under their BOD role.


  • Upholding VDL’s Mission Statement
  • Ensuring registration of VDL as a non-profit under the Societies Act
  • Setting the vision for the organization through strategic and long term planning
  • Setting the governance structure of VDL at its highest level
  • Approving VDL’s seasonal budgeting
  • Facilitating the auditing process
  • Developing plans for expansion beyond current operating cities
  • Handling all legal issues related to VDL
  • Producing Organizational performance reviews
  • Hiring the Executive Director and reviewing their performance.

Current Roster

Keith Bao, Kevin Bao, Truong Cao, Jason Chow, Warren Mui, Clarabelle Chan, Daisuke Serizawa, Kevin Wong, Kevin Wu, Mark Williams, Tyler Gould


Pictured above: Founding board members Kevin, Amy, Jason, Eddie, Truong, and Keith