VDL WDBF (7-inch) Playoff Schedule

Date: November 18, 2023

Location: Citadel Middle School (Map)

Doors open at 930AM

Time Court 1 Referee/Shagging | Court 2 Referee/Shagging
10:00AM Hard As Foam vs Solo Superstars Nocturnal A | Cerberus vs The Replacements Eclipse
11:00 AM Nocturnal A vs Eclipse Loser of 10AM Court 2 | Nocturnal B vs Vendetta Loser of 10AM Court 1
12:00 PM Subtle Humps vs Good Vibes Only Winner of 10AM Court 2 | Bloom vs Dino-Mite Winner of 10AM Court 1
1:00 PM Mens semifinal 1 (left) Semifinal 2 Lower seed | Womens Bronze Winner of 12PM Court 1
2:00 PM Womens Gold Match Women’s Bronze Match Winner | Mens semifinal 2 (right) Loser of Men’s Semi-Final 1
3:00 PM Mens Gold Loser of Men’s Semi-Final 2 | Mens Bronze Women’s silver