VDL WDBF (7-inch) Playoff Schedule

APRIL 17 – Day 1


Game # Officiating
7:20PM 1 (4) Dino-Mite Vs (5)Tempest Send Judes
8:10PM 2 (3) Send Judes Vs (6) Revive Winner GM#1




Game # Officiating
7:20PM 1 (8) Solo Superstars Vs (9) Dynamic Nocturnals B
8:10PM QF1 (1) Hard as Foam Vs Winner of GM#1 Eclipse
8:55PM QF2 (4) Eclipse Vs (5) Nocturnals B Winner of QF1




Game # Officiating
7:20PM QF3 (2) Cerberus Vs (7) Tidal Vendetta
8:10PM QF4 (3) Nocturnals A Vs (6) Vendetta Winner of QF3


APRIL 24 – Day 2


Game # Officiating
7:20PM SF1 (1) Bloom 1 Vs Tempest Send Judes
8:10PM SF2 (2) Bloom 2 Vs Send Judes Loser SF1
8:55PM Final Winner of SF1 Vs Winner SF2




Game # Officiating
7:20PM SF1 Hard as Foam Vs Nocturnals B Cerberus
8:10PM SF2 Cerberus Vs Vendetta Loser SF1
8:55PM Final Winner SF1 Vs Winner SF2