Doctor Dodgeball Rules

All IDA rules still apply with the following exceptions:

Court Setup


Game Rules

Teams will consists of 6 players total (minimum 2 girls). Any player may be the doctor.


Player Types


  1. Teams choose 1 doctor at the beginning of each game
  2. The doctor will wear a safety vest to signify they are the doctor.
  3. The doctor has the ability to revive players
  4. The doctor may not be in possession of a ball, including: picking up a ball, holding a ball, using a ball to block, or throwing a ball
    • 4a. Doctors may pass balls and direct balls on the court as long as there was no possession of the ball (I.e. ball was not picked up, held, or thrown). Doctors will not be penalized for inadvertent fly-balls where there was no possession
    • 4b. Doctors may sweep balls
    • 4c. A ball in possession of a doctor is considered dead; blocks made with dead balls are not considered legal blocks
  5. If the doctor is the only player left on the team, they become a regular player (ie. They may throw, block, catch)


  1. A patient is someone who has been hit out.
  2. A patient can still be revived by the doctor.


  1. Quarantined players cannot be revived until the next game.
  2. Quarantined players must line up on the side of the court. (Order does not matter)
  3. If the all players are quarantined and only the doctor is left, the doctor becomes a regular player (ie. they can throw/block/catch)



Getting hit:

  1. If a player is hit out, they must sit down cross-legged where they died. No kneeling.
  2. A patient attempting to move away from where they were hit will result in the player being quarantined.


  1. If a ball is caught, the thrower will be quarantined.
  2. Catches will never revive a player.

Stepping on the line:

  1. Stepping on the line will result in the player being quarantined.


Reviving a patient

The Doctor:

  1. The doctor can revive players at any time and in any order.
  2. The doctor must drag the patient to the Hospital by one arm. **The patient can help movement by shuffling their feet**
  3. If the doctor is hit, they will line up on the side of the court with the quarantined players. Any remaining player on that team that is out will line up with the quarantined players as they cannot be revived.
  4. When the patient is being dragged, they are considered an extension of the doctor – if the patient is hit while the doctor is still holding onto them, the doctor will be out.



  1. If two doctors are left, they become regular players as soon as the countdown to showdown starts.



  1. If a player is quarantined, the ref will yell “Quarantine” instead of “out”.