Fraserview Boys and Girls Club


  • Location: Fraserview Club
  • Time: 3:30 – 5:30pm
  • Date: Thursday Oct 3, 2019

We had so much fun playing dodgeball with and against the kids at the Boys and Girls Club of South Coast BC! They taught us their version of dodgeball, and boy did they give some of our vets a run for their money! The kids had so much energy and gave all of us a sweaty workout just trying to keep up with them. During the last game, the adults were pitted against the kids. Ever go up against 30 to 40-odd bloodthirsty kids wielding dodgeballs? It’s really intimidating. Yes, even scarier than facing off against top tier 1 players in some respects.

Get in on the excitement! Join us again on Nov. 7 at the Fraserview Boys and Girls Club, where this time, we’ll be playing dodgeball with teenagers eager to show off their skills!