League Champions

Pain is temporary, glory is forever. If you’re playing these League Champs, be worried. Very worried.


Spirit Champions

VDL prides itself on being spirited! These teams embody this core value and make dodgeball full of good times.

Best Dressed Teams

Winning record? Losing record? Who cares when you got style. These teams put that extra touch into their looks, week in week out.

Best Team Cheer

Creative? Fun?  These teams create a fun atmosphere with each week they come out, and cheer their heads off to get their team and other teams pumped up on the courts!

TOC 100

TOC Champions

The top tier teams from all 4 league nights + CDL duke it out for eternal bragging rights in the Tournament of Champions, a special invitation only tournament. Who will be crowned Rulers of the known dodgeball universe this season? Find out at the end of each season!


Most Valuable Players

Heroes emerge during playoffs. Whether win or lose in the finals, these MVPs carry their teams, and bring their game to a whole new level when it counts.