Conflict Resolution

We at VDL hold honour very high in our principles. Our rules are based upon spirit and the honour system. Our peers are referees that officiate with honesty and to the best of their ability. We believe that all the players in VDL uphold a high level of sportsmanship, and we firmly believe that players ultimately own the game. In line with this approach, we’re putting the the onus on players and captains to resolve their differences directly in a respectful, sportsman-like, and non-accusatory manner.

If you find yourself in a conflict on the courts, we ask that the players involved first attempt to resolve the issue on their own, right after it happens to avoid lingering feelings throughout the night. Usually, it’s a simple misunderstanding of the rules. If that doesn’t work, the respective Captains shall meet and resolve the issue. If the matter is still unresolved, the League Coordinators at the gym will help mediate. The respective Division Director and the League Director (as a last resort) will then get involved if the matter is still lingering.

To summarize the conflict resolution approach at VDL:
1. Player to Player
2. Captain to Captain
3. If still unresolved, then the League Coordinators at the gym will mediate
4. Then the Division Director

In line with the honour rules, we expect that most issues on the court can be resolved easily by players and Captains themselves. It’s best to keep your cool and resolve the matter in a respectful manner. The less conflicts on the court, the more fun everyone will have!