Players must sign an online waiver each season prior to participating in any VDL sponsored event, which includes, but is not limited to: league nights, tournaments, skill clinics and playoffs. Day of signings are permitted; however, you risk not being able to claim if injury occurs. There are no exceptions; any substitute players brought in must sign an online waiver as well.

VDL respects your privacy and we will not share your personal information with third parties.

VDL Waiver

Why do I need to sign the waiver?
Signing the waiver not only states that you agree to waive all rights to hold legal action against VDL for dodgeball play, but also that you understand dodgeball can be a dangerous sport that may result in injuries, and that you’ve been forewarned.


As an additional service to our players, VDL is covered by a Sports Accident Insurance policy.

Our coverage is supplementary coverage, meaning it covers costs that are not covered by other insurance insurance plans, including MSP and any extended health plan you may have through your employer or from your college/university. That is, you need to use MSP and extended health first, and then our insurance may cover some of the leftover costs. In addition, insurance is primarily available to address major injuries (broken bones; torn ligaments), not minor injuries that will heal with time (bruises, sprains, etc.).

To apply for coverage, follow these steps:

1. Your waiver must be signed before the weekly deadline. The weekly deadline is Saturday night of the week prior to play. This is to ensure that the waivers are processed by the time the week of dodgeball begins. Players making claims without signing their waiver on time will be ineligible for coverage.

2. The Insurance claim must be made within 25 days of the accident, no exceptions.  The onus is on the player to follow up with VDL regarding their injury report.

3. The VDL team will investigate the injury (to prevent fraud and ensure the severity of the injury). If serious, a claim will be processed; if not, the case will be closed.

Your insurance manager for this season is Grace Tang. If you wish to make a claim or have any inquiries regarding waivers or insurance, please send an email to her at gtang(at)vdldodgeball.ca