Registration Instructions

Step 1: Register yourself in our brand new player management system. Here you will create a player profile AND sign your waiver.  No more pesky waiver announcements at the gym!

Step 2: Add yourself to a roster.

In order to add yourself to an existing team, once you’ve signed in, click on “Register for Season”, then “Register for Season (##)”.  Next, select the night you wish to play and the tier your team captain signed up for (Eg. Monday, Tier 2).  Click on “Register Player” and under the “Join the Selected Team” drop down menu, choose the team that corresponds to your captain.

You must complete this process for all the teams you will be playing on. Players who are not on a team roster will be ineligible to participate in the playoffs.

Step 3: Email Confirmation

Once the process is completed, you should receive a confirmation email indicating you have been added to the roster of your selected teams.  Remember to only sign up on teams you play on.  Captains, remember you will have the ability to remove players who are not supposed to be on your roster.

If you have any questions or are experiencing any issues registering, please email