Observe & Report Week

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Vancouver Dodgeball League & Warner Bros are proud to present OBSERVE & REPORT Week at VDL!

Mar. 21

What is the event?

During the Observe & Report Week, all the players from Monday to Thursday nights are encouraged to dress up as characters from the movie! There will be VDL photographers taking snapshots of the dressed up dodgeballers! Feel free to take your own pictures and upload them to your facebook and link them to our VDL facebook homepage! (Facebook: Vancouver Dodgeball League)



The best dressed individuals/teams from EACH night will win great prizes! We are also going to give out prizes to individuals who dress up to be the most seth-rogan lookalike, the most likely to be a real flasher, etc.

There are 50+ movie tickets to be given away to the movie screening, and other “secret” prizes to be announced throughout the week! (The Movie screening will be on April 8, 09 at 7 PM)

What is the movie about?

Simply put, it’s Security Guard Vs. Flasher!

Want to know more? Check out the preview & Synopsis at www.observe-and-report.com

When is the event happening?

March 30 – April 2

What do I need to do?

1. Just dress up as a flasher/cop/security guard, or even like Seth Rogan! Don’t be shy, the execs will also be dressing up!

* In the case of a flasher, you’ll have to dress “down”, but let’s keep it family friendly! Underwear is REQUIRED :)

Here’s some tips for easy dress up!

  • Flashers: Trench coat! Sunglasses! Long white socks! You are already wearing shorts, so it’ll look like you are naked inside! :D
  • Security Guards: Sunglasses! Flash lights! Blue button up shirts! Necktie!!
  • Want to be a cop?: Badge, Blue shirts, Handcuffs!
  • Seth Rogan: hmm, Wig??

2. Show up during the week, play dodgeball like any other week, and the most important thing, HAVE FUN!

* If you are dressing up as a flasher, please put on your trench coat

once you get into the gym, and also take it off before going into public.

It is school environment, and we want to stay out of trouble!


Congratulations, Winners of the Observe & Report Team!

Monday – Throwing D’s

Tuesday – Marvel-Us & JD Shooters

Wednesday – Fierce Creatures

Thursday – Zoolanders

Thanks for everybody for participating, and email will be sent to captains about the prizes! Individual categories coming up shortly!


Individual Winners

Bri from SHIT (Brandi)

Jeff Golby from Dodgeballerz (The White Bathrobe Flasher)

Karmen from Random Fling

Angus from the Procrastinators

JIT’s angels members!

The following players in the pictures, we need your names and your team name please. All the individual winners need to send their email addresses to emoon@vdldodgeball.ca to claim their prize!



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Comments for Observe & Report Week

  • March 29th, 2009 at 12:53 pm
    Ellie says:

    Prizes Update for Observe & Report Week!

    – Each night will have the “best dressed team”! So, 4 in total!! The team gets a surprise package of prizes :)
    – We have approx. 60 tickets to give away to the advanced screening of “Observe & Report”! We are going to be picking about 30 best dressed players across all four nights and each winner will be given a ticket to admit 2 people to the screening!

  • March 29th, 2009 at 12:53 pm
    Ellie says:

    Some Tips for Dressing Up for Observe & Report Fun Dress Up Week!!

    – Value Villages have LOTS of trenchcoats!
    – Party Bazzar Store on 2nd Ave by Cambie Bridge has tons of costume stuff including Wigs!
    – Dressew in downtown has some wigs, fabrics, and random novelty stuff you can find to wear!
    – Dollar stores have plastic handcuffs, badges, and some sunglasses!
    – Mall Kiosks have decent Rayban sunglasses you can buy for 10-15 dollars!

  • April 3rd, 2009 at 4:38 pm
    Ellie says:

    Thanks everybody for dressing up! If you want the large posters, ask your coordinators, they might still have some laying around!

    Come back and check this page for Winner Announcement this weekend! We will be giving out Observe & Report Shirts/ Beer Cups/ and movie tickets to the advanced screening!