S12 Wednesday Division Playoff Recap

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S12 Wednesday Division

Greetings VDL,

As you may or may not know Wednesday Division took place on this glorious Sunday of December 4th, 2011. All teams came out with one common goal in mind….to win a VDL championship! For many, this would be their 234874571TH time down this road of glory only to have a championship snatched up from under their nose. Teams were amped and full of mojo just waiting to be unleashed on the courts! Before the fierce competition began some great awards were presented to most deserving teams to start off this day on a high note.

Congratulations to the new Best Dressed Winners:

S12 Wednesday Division Best Dressed Award Winners - Geeks n' Sneaks - tape on glasses and suspenders are the new black!

Congratulations to the Best Cheer winners:

S12 Wednesday Division Best Cheer Award Winners - Civilization -"Civilize Who? CIVILIZE YOU!!!"

Congratulations to the Spirit Champions:

S12 Wednesday Division Spirit Champions - Fat Cat Pussy Balls - an average score of 9.93/10 throughout the season!

Winning teams received gift certificates to White Spot! $50 gift certificates for Best Dressed and Best Cheer, and $100 for the Spirit Champions!

After a beautiful O Canada was sung by VDL’s own Mike Van Nen the games began. For some, the road to glory was a bumpy one with a dislocated shoulder here, 11 jammed fingers and one rolled ankle later the best of the best teams showed Wednesday Nights what great things could happen when good fun and good people come together for the great game of dodgeball.


Tier 1 Champions: Geeks n' Sneaks

Runner Up – Black and Yellow

Tier 2 Champions: E-Lemon-ators

Runner Up – Team HARO!

Tier 3 Champions: Black Mambas

Runner Up – New Balls on the Block

Tier 4 Champions: Pandoras Super Balls

Runner Up – Straw Hats


Congratulations to all the teams that made it to the finals it was a valiant effort made by all! To the 1st place winners, see you next season when you come back to defend your title. To the runner ups, see you next season when you come back for a re-match! To the rest of the league, have a happy holidays and we’ll see you next season! That’s a wrap!

Thanks for the good times Wednesday Division! Onwards to Season 13!

Clarabelle Chan
Wednesday Division Director

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