S12 Tuesday Division Playoff Recap

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On December 4th, 2011, a Dodgeball Playoff of epic proportions occurred. The battle of wit and skill alike took place at none other than David Thompson Secondary School. The Thai Relief Foundation kept our
audience fed with spicy samosas, Thai spring rolls and refreshing Thai milk tea! With the smell of tears, sweat and Thai food, set the stage of Season 12 Tuesday Playoffs.

S12 Tuesday Division

Before teams were pitted against one another, the crowd shared in awarding the best dressed and best cheer awards for:


Best Dressed:

Nominees: Animal Crackers and Tight and Brights

S12 Tuesday Division's Best Dressed Winner - Animal Crackers

And with their little tails bobbing behind their… behinds, Animal Crackers stole the crowd’s vote with the Best Dressed award!


Best Cheer:

Nominees: Pushy Penguins and Smurfs

S12 Tuesday Division's Best Dressed Winners - Smurfs

And ironically, the Pushy Penguins were pushed off by the roar of the crowd for the Smurfs great cheering!
And of course the infamous Hootie the Spirit Owl went to none other than Animal Crackers!

S12 Tuesday Division's Spirit Champions - Animal Crackers

Winning teams received gift certificates to White Spot! $50 gift certificates for Best Dressed and Best Cheer, and $100 for the Spirit Champions!


As the always entertaining Opening Ceremony came to a close, the angelic vocal styling of none other than Rec-less and Exec-less’s Jay Vu singing the Canadian national anthem calmed the players in the gym.

Shortly afterwards the most intense Dodgeball seen all season long kicked off! Teams won, teams lost and tears wereshed, but in the end the finals tested the best of players and demanded above and beyond efforts of the
battling teams to claim the championship titles of their respective tiers. For those of you that were unable to attend the show, shame on you; make it up by registering to the VDL’s Season 13 immediately! And for those who were fortunate enough to be in the presence of greatness and to live vicariously though the glorious victories, know who to aim to beat next season! And with that said, I bid you adieu and to wrap up Season 12 in shiny paper and top it with a festive bow because that’s a wrap!


Tier 1 Champions: Vancouver Isotopes

Tier 2 Champions: So You Think You Can Dodge

Tier 3 Champions: Schoolyard Bullies

Tier 4 Champions: Gotta Catch Them All

Tier 5 Champions: Ichigeki @ #moto2

Tier 6 Champions: Fluffy Pink Sheep


Thanks for the good times Tuesday Division! Onwards to Season 13!

Matthew Ho
Tuesday Division Director


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