S13 Pre-Season News – Exhibition Week

Posted on January 22, 2012 at 5:30 pm |

Greetings eager dodgers!

It gives me indescribable pleasure to announce that VDL is gearing up and ready to deliver another fantastic season of dodging, big hits, clutch catches, and the shortest, tightest shorts to be worn by adult males.

4 BIG things to keep in mind before the season starts!

1) As we’re preparing for the big kick off, please have your waiver signed! Our waiver is no joke! It insures you if you somehow get injured in play (which we HAVE seen happen!) and provides you peace of mind.


“But I already have my own insurance, VDL!”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson once told me, “It doesn’t matter if you have your own insurance! You still have to sign the waiver to play in VDL!”

True story. Needless to say, I signed my waiver right away. Not to mention that the waiver is your VDL time stamp to prove that you exist! What does that mean? Remember how we have a minimum-play policy – where if you don’t play at least 4 weeks you don’t qualify for Playoffs? Well, if you don’t sign a waiver, you don’t exist to us, and even if you’ve been showing up every week you are not allowed to participate in Playoffs!

2) Please take a refresher and do a little light reading of our VDL Rules, League Policy, Player Code of Conduct, and Officiating Guidelines. All these fun reads are an integral part to keeping the league running smoothly and peacefully for all to enjoy! It’s not fun to get called out of a game and not know why. It’s even worse to get kicked out of a gym and not know why, so take this chance to get a little VDL education!

3) Get your teammates together and choose a Dodgeball 101/Vet’s Night session that’s coming up soon! Exhibition week will run from Monday January 30th to Thursday February 2nd. Please register 48hrs in advance of the date you’re attending as spots fill up quickly!

DB101 will be a friendly and welcoming orientation into VDL. You and your teammates will learn rules, policies, code of conduct, as well as a few pointers to get you guys going when you play some practice games!

Vets’ Night will be for all returning players from any season before S13! You guys know the drill, so choose a session and let’s see who has been indulging too much over the holidays!

DB101 Registration

Vets’ Night Registration

4) Make sure to review your team information for this season and notify us of any team namecaptains information or tier changes here by January 29th at the latest!

NEW THIS SEASON: Please note that if you do not have your waiver signed prior to entering the gym during Exhibition Week, you will be prohibited from participating in the dodgeball action.


That’s it for now folks! See you all very soon! Feel free to leave your questions or concerns in the comment section and we’ll try to provide a reply right away!

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