S13 Monday Division Playoff Recap

Posted on May 15, 2012 at 7:50 pm |

On May 12, 2012 we came together to battle. Like all great battles, there were winners, losers, and casualties of war.  After 10 weeks of grueling games for placement, our passion-filled players pull up their knee pads, tape up some fingers, tie up their laces, and head to the gym to fight for gold. Noon was never an ideal time for do-or-die dodgeball, but with the help of Num Num keeping our tum tum full as well as the first ever appearance of the Fruit Dealers at David Thompson SS, dodgeball fuel was present for all.

But before we begin, our best dressed, best cheer and most spirited teams have gathered for your viewing pleasure!

Best Dressed: Gingerbread People! And runner up were Gnomercy and Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Ya and Fluffy Pink Sheep! 

Best Cheer: Quit Playing Games with My Balls!  And runner up were Psych!sy Times and Gingerbread People

Spirit Champions: Suicide Squad (9.90)! 
And runner up was Toast Protocol (9.80)

Thanks to the IDA for providing the winning teams with $100 towards the JDRF Dodgeball Open this summer!  $50 gift certificates for Best Dressed and Best Cheer, and $100 for the Spirit Champions to White Spot!


TIER 1 Champs: Suicide Squad   Runner Up: Wonder Bang

TIER 2 Champs: Orange Mocha Frappuccino   Runner Up: LashIT

 TIER 3 Champs: Gnomercy   Runner Up: The Dodgefathers

TIER 4 Champs: Shear Force   Runner Up: One-Up

TIER 5 Champs: We Be Ballin; Yo Fo Shiz   Runner Up: Young Guns 2.0

TIER 6 Champs: Free Win   Runner Up: Franchise

That’s a wrap for Season 13!  Congratulations to all the winners this season! To those who fought hard for the win this season but did not make it all the way, Season 14 will be a great time for rematches, player trades, and resurrections of new teams.  Thanks to all of you for making this season exciting and making me lose my voice twice from reffing/cheering/chatting you pretty people up.  I hope to see you all next season!


Monday Division Director



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