S13 Tuesday Division Playoff Recap

Posted on May 29, 2012 at 12:34 pm |

On May 5th, 2012 marked the day for Tuesday Division’s, S13 Playoffs. This massive event took place at our self-proclaimed home: David Thompson Secondary. Num Num kept our tum tum full during the endeavor. As well as the first ever appearance of the Fruit Dealers. So with cilantro in their teeth and the will and determination to win, the ballet of Tuesday Playoffs began. No VDL Opening Ceremony is complete, without handing out awards to start the day on a positive vibe.

Best Dressed: Shark Attack

Best Cheer: Honey Badgers Don’t Care

Hootie the Spirit Owl of course is the most honorable award to win due to the fact you are judged by your peers and this award is determined over 10 weeks consecutively. I’m proud to say that 3 teams ended up in a 3-way tie and equally shared Hootie with a spirit score of an average of 9.93!!!

Spirit Champions: Reck-less and Exec-less, Fus Ro Dah, Wu Tang Chan

Thanks to the IDA for providing the winning teams with $100 towards the JDRF Dodgeball Open this summer!  $50 gift certificates for Best Dressed and Best Cheer, and $100 for the Spirit Champions to White Spot!

And the refreshing voice of none other than Mike Van Nen sang our Canadian national anthem and then kicked off Dodgeball of epic proportions.

On this day, teams lost, many epic and clutch catches were made; but most of all, winners were crowned and revenge was made.


TIER 1 Champs: Rec-less & Exec-less

TIER 2 Champs: Stonecutters

TIER 3 Champs: Honey Badgers Don’t Care

 TIER 4 Champs: The Harmless Hurlers

TIER 5 Champs: Raging Balls

TIER 6 Champs: Mighty Ducks

As all VDL players know, Playoffs signifies that registration for VDL’s S14 is officially open for all current VDL players. With this playoff won and lost, I bid you adieu and to throw S13 in the books! Thanks for the good times Tuesday Division! Onwards to Season 14! See you on the courts in the fall!


Matthew Ho
Tuesday Division Director





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