S14 Wednesday Playoffs Recap

Posted on January 25, 2013 at 3:28 pm |


Kicking off the first Sunday of December with some good old fashioned dodgeball is the way I like to roll. After some adequate warm up time and a really terrible joke, the night began and a few awards were given out.

The best dressed award went, unsurprisingly, to the The Mascots, who have been wearing outrageous outfits all season. The Gumbie outfit worn by Deb was definitely a highlight.



The best cheer award went to Now and Forever: The Hits! for their off-key attempts at classic pop hits such as “I Want It That Way”  and “…Baby One More Time.”


Hootie the Spirit Owl was awarded to both Michael Vic and the Dawg Pound and Guardians of Gymnasia. These teams achieved an exceptionally high spirit rating (as voted by the players) of 9.96 out of 10. Congratulations to all of those winners!


After some intense dodgeball, the final matches were upon us. In Tier 5, it was the 1st seed (Absolute Chaos) vs the 8th seed (Team Best Friends) with Absolute Chaos claiming the win.


In Tier 4, we saw Our Balls, Your Face: Wolfpack up against the Dodge Ballerz. The Dodge Ballerz didn’t have enough bling for the win and were sent home howling by the Wolfpack.


In Tier 3, E-Lemon-ators e-lemon-ated Dutch Blitz after a hard fought match of games.


In Tier 2, Straw Hats and Alpha Kenny Buddy Up were seen in the final together with Straw Hats taking the band-aid belt.


And in Tier 1, The Mascots clashed hard with Hurt Feelings. Maybe it was that they had taken off their costumes, or maybe there was just something in the air that night, but The Mascots emerged victoriously. To watch how Tier 1 unfolded, watch all Wednesday Tier 1 videos here, courtesy of Deborah Sy and Retell Rivera and their passion for dodgeball.


Congratulations to all the tier champions. You are officially the best within your skill level at an amateur sport played primarily by elementary school kids. And I love that!

I really love dodgeball, but it’s a sport that one cannot play alone. I’d like to thank all the players for being part of this excellent community. I hope to see you all next season. Have an awesome winter break!

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