Exec Recruitment for S16

Posted on April 18, 2013 at 11:52 pm |



Are you looking for a fun opportunity to make new friends and build meaningful connections?
How about growing internally and professionally?
Want to utilize your skills to positively impact the community?
Or do you want to make your dodgeball league proud?

If you said “yes” to any above, then WE WANT YOU to apply to become a VDL Exec for Season 16!

VDL is looking for passionate individuals to join our executive team. Together, we can continue to better the league and keep it running efficiently on and off the courts. However while being an exec is a big responsibility, we always find way to keep things fun for our volunteers. We got your 6.

So if you have a great attitude, friendly personality, and click with VDL’s culture and values, we’d love to have you help run our gyms as a League Coordinator!*

If you also possess film and video editing expertise, we highly encourage you to apply to become a part of our Marketing and Communications department as a Videographer!

Do you like the idea of developing and implementing organizational sponsorship strategy by conducting research, drafting tailored proposals, responding to all sponsorship inquiries, and building relations with new and existing sponsors? If so, then apply to be a Sponsorship Manager.

How would you like to be responsible for approaching and corresponding with new and existing vendors to obtain quotes and place orders on behalf of the organization? If you’re a strong negotiator and a critical thinker who can ensure purchases meet requirements while adhering to VDL policies and budget constraints, then apply to be a Purchasing Coordinator.

Want to be part of this fantastic community? Then apply for the following openings currently available:

Further details on roles and requirements can be found on the application forms. If you are interested, please fill one out**, and our HR department will be in touch with you. We thank all interested applicants!


*Please note that all execs are required to fulfill at least two seasons as a League Coordinator during their term of service within VDL, and appropriate training will be provided.

**If you are interested in being a League Coordinator AND a department-specific role, please fill out only the department-specific application and indicate your interest in League Operations as a side note. (e.g. If you want to be VDL’s Videographer and a Tuesday night League Coordinator, fill out the Videographer application ONLY.)

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