Schrödinger’s Catch #6: Season Finale

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You folks submitted some awesome responses to my column last week, and yours truly couldn’t be happier! Here’s the last installment you’ve been waiting for, and keep those questions coming! I promise I will only dodge balls not issues.

Scroll below for your dose of witty Q&A for the week!

Dear Dodge,

This is my first season with VDL, and I can’t get enough. My only issue is that the season is ending and playoffs seem a bit overwhelming. How do playoffs differ from a regular league night?

              -The Michael Jordan of VDL

Wow, really? The Michael Jordan of VDL? Before we get ahead of ourselves with titles fame and gambling debts, let’s get to business.

Here are the less strategic details:

  • Check this page for your dates:

  • Doors open at 12:30PM

  • You will play in a double elimination tournament with 8 teams in one of 5-6 playoff tiers

Playoff games are faster (perhaps not shorter, but definitely faster). Everyone brings their respective “A-game” to the court. At playoffs, the league is able to offer what is likely the purest form of dodgeball we can provide – we’re talking about Heisenberg levels of dodgeball


At playoffs, you’ll see taped off centerlines, sidelines, and most notably the 6-foot line. Additionally, there will be at least one VDL volunteer referee per court to make sure things are running smoothly, so that you will see and experience a much faster game being played.

On top of this, you’re going to have plenty of down time so keep warm between games. I recommend reading up on our Dodge Safe articles like this one before playoffs to be in peak physical condition.

Finally, when you’re not playing, consider helping out the VDL volunteers with reffing (to help speed things along, as you could be delaying yourself your own championship). Honesty and spirit are still paramount though. Make your calls unanimously and decisively — emotions can run high and people may be quick to play “what if” games when a so called “bad call” is made so save everyone the therapy bill and please be a good ref.

So try your hardest and play to your strengths…or get extremely lucky.


Dodge Savage


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