S17 Beginners Skills Clinic

Posted on January 22, 2014 at 11:44 pm |


Master the fundamentals at our Beginners Skills Clinic!

Does your arm hurt after a night of throwing? Do you always miss that catch just within your reach? Or maybe you just want to improve your teamwork? Aspiring dodgeaholics, wait no more! Our Beginners Skills Clinic will teach you the fundamentals and turn you into a better player.

Our seasoned execs will show you the basics like throwing, catching, and blocking, plus teach you various team and individual strategies so that you are one step ahead of your competition. There will also be round robin games afterwards, where you can put your newly acquired skills to practice!

Here are some tried and true testimonials from a few VDL’ers who have attended past clinics:

“Skills Clinic turned me from zero to hero!” – AW

“It’s the only thing more important than chest day.” – DT

“If I could pay bills with the skills I’ve acquired, I would. But then I’d be overpaying!” – CW

What are you waiting for? Spots are limited and sell out quickly, so register today!

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