S17 Photo Week

Posted on February 06, 2014 at 7:24 pm |


OK team, ready, aim…and FIRE! …cameras not dodgeballs, that is!

That’s right, Photo Week is happening during Week 3! Polish those kneepads, perfect that pose, and get ready to point those pretty faces at our exec photographers!

Team pictures will be taken between games during regular league play on your respective night from February 18th-24th. Make sure all your teammates are present and sporting their uniforms/costumes/jerseys because you only get one shot at it, and it’s only during VDL’s Photo Week!

Fine, technically, you get two shots…a regular pose and an irregular pose. By irregular we mean you can be silly, funny, crazy, creative…surprise us! Props are highly encouraged. Need some inspiration? Check out past team pictures in our VDL Gallery.

Need custom t-shirts for your team? We’ve got you covered! VDL has arranged an exclusive deal for its players with Instant Imprints. Here are the details:

  • T-shirts available in multiple colours with custom logo
  • $18.99/shirt (cotton)
  • $23.99/shirt (technical fabric)
  • Minimum order of 6 t-shirts
  • Deal only available at Instant Imprints, 1231 West Broadway, Vancouver

We are ready for you to dazzle us with your team spirit and creativity – are you?

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