BOD Recruitment 2014

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Both the International Dodgeball Association (IDA) and the Vancouver Dodgeball League (VDL) are governed by the VDLS Board of Directors. The Board is currently searching for new members to help strengthen both organization’s governance and strategic planning, and help move the organization forward for the next 3-5 years. We are especially looking for new members with a background in Law, Finance, Business, Non-Profits and Governance.

Purpose: The Board of Directors (BOD) are legally responsible for IDA and VDL as a single non-profit organization under the BC Societies Act. They are in charge of developing the structures and strategies needed to help both to grow and flourish. The BOD are ultimately accountable for the decisions made on behalf of the organization. BOD members do not deal directly with the daily operations but rather operate behind the scenes in planning and governance.

Responsibilities of Board Members:

  • Upholding the organization’s Mission Statement
  • Setting the vision for the organization through strategic, and long term planning (3-5 years)
  • Setting the governance structure of VDL and IDA at their highest levels
  • Approving the annual budget
  • Facilitating the auditing process
  • Develop expansion plans
  • Handling all legal and governmental issues
  • Appointing the Executive Director and reviewing his/her performance

Skills and Experience: Previous experience on a community or other non-profit board is an asset. Skills and experience in sports, law, finance, and/or governance would be beneficial.

Eligibility: This opportunity is open to the public. There is a preference for some applicants to be familiar with the larger IDA community, but there are also opportunities for people outside of IDA to help and contribute to our mission.

**NOTE: Current VDL/CDL/Wack Execs can apply, but they will have to opt out of the exec body  if accepted into the BOD.

Term Limit: 1 year term limit with options for possible renewal. Begins in April 2014.

Commitment Expectations: Working hours may vary depending on the needs of the organization. Expected hours of work include 5 hours per month, including mandatory monthly meetings.

Timelines: Applications are being accepted starting February 16, 2014 until March 10, 2014. Interviews will take place in mid March (and possibly early April). Position start date will be April 21, 2014

Location: Meetings and functions are primarily held in the city of Vancouver, with occasional excursions to other parts of the lower mainland. A car is not required.

Compensation: Meals, league fees, and some transportation related costs

Training Provided: Orientation and training related to IDA and its technology tools will be provided by existing board members. External Board development workshops will be held occasionally.

Benefits of Becoming a Volunteer:

  • Be part of a unique, dynamic,  and growing organization.
  • Provide strategic direction and input to a well-established non-profit.
  • Other perks related to playing in the league and organizational team building events.

To find more information about our Board of Directors, please visit our Board of Directors page.

Contact:  For all BOD questions, please submit them in writing to Board of Director Vice Chair, Jason Chow. If you’re interested in applying, please submit your resume and cover letter* to –

*please submit resumes and cover letters in either .pdf or .doc formats

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