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Message From The New Executive Director

My name is Ka Wa Lee and I’m the new Executive Director of the Vancouver Dodgeball League. It is a privilege to continue to be a part of this dodgeball community and I plan to make a bigger impact and a bigger difference in the Vancouver Dodgeball League in the upcoming seasons. As the new Executive Director, I plan to provide better experience and value for players. This means that there will be more contests, perks, and events happening throughout the upcoming seasons.

As well, I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce our new directors for this upcoming season:

Clarabelle Chan – League Director
Claudia Tyzo – Monday Night Division Director
Rob Shih – Tuesday Night Division Director
Justin Tieu – Wednesday Night Division Director
Lisa Miao – Thursday Night Division Director
Colin Ng – Finance Director
Jasmine Leong – Human Resources Director
Jonathan Lew – Information Technology Director
Kevin Wong – Supply Director
Marcy Kam – Programs Director

If you have any questions or suggestions to make your experience at VDL better, please feel free to contact me at: klee@vdldodgeball.ca and I would be happy to listen to your suggestions and answer any questions you may have.


Ka Wa Lee

BC Teachers’ Federation Strike

Some players have raised concerns about the BC Teachers’ Federation current strike and how it might affect this upcoming season’s gym availability.

Our hope is that the differences between the BC Teachers’ federation and the government will be resolved before the start of the dodgeball season. However, the league is also working diligently to explore all possibilities in the event that the strike continues past the beginning of the season.

We thank you for your patience and will update you more on this as the season draws closer.

Team Registration

We have a limited number of spots remaining for season 18. Don’t be stuck at home on a weeknight and miss your opportunity to have fun, stay fit, socialize with friends, and play dodgeball.  Registration ends at the end of the month, Aug 31st!

Monday – Looking for something fun and exciting to start off your week before your energy dries up? If so, Monday is the night to be in. As well, if you’re the type of person that schedules their life around Canucks games, this is the night where you can play dodgeball while missing the least amount of games. If you’re a true fan, you know they’re going all the way this year (just like what you said last year and the year before that).

Tuesday – This is the most popular night of the week. There are less than a handful of spots remaining. If you and your team want to be a part of Tuesday, you better hurry and sign up now!

Wednesday – We all know Wednesday is the hardest day of the work week. You’ve already put in two full days of work and there’s two full days left to go after Wednesday. So why not sign up on this night so you’ll have something to look forward to in the middle of the week? It makes your Wednesdays go by much faster and at VDL, we call it “Over-the-hump Wednesdays” (while others just call it Hump Day)!

Thursday – One of the more competitive nights. If you want to test yourself against some of the best teams in the league and see where you and your team stands, Thursday night would be a good measuring stick.

Key Dates

Vancouver Dodgeball League: 
Registration ends at the end of the month, Aug 31st!

Coquitlam Dodgeball League:
Season Starts Oct 1st, Register today!

Richmond Dodgeball League:
Inaugural season starting this September. Registration ends this month!

Contact Michael for more details at michael@thewack.ca

Looking for a team to join? Or want to add a player to your team?

Ever want to meet new friends while playing dodgeball? Do you need an extra guy or gal to fill out your roster? Whether you are someone who’s looking for a team or a team that is looking for that someone, the Vancouver Dodgeball League is here to help.

If you’re a team looking for that extra player or two, please contact our registration team at register@vdldodgeball.ca and we’ll do our best to help you find that special someone or two. If you are an individual looking for a team, we encourage you to click here and fill out our form and we will do our best to match you up with a team. Sign up now before spots fill up or that talented player you’re looking for gets snatched up by another team!

Recruiting for New Volunteers

The Vancouver Dodgeball League is looking for passionate volunteers to join our team. We are currently looking for:

-League Night Coordinators
-Marketing Director
-Website Manager
-Programs Coordinators

Here are some of the benefits in becoming a volunteer for the Vancouver Dodgeball League:
-Learn new skills and build your experience
-Strengthen your resume for future career advancements
-Develop internal and external professional relationships and networks
-Work with and learn from a group of talented Directors and volunteers just like yourself
-Meet new people, make new friends, and be a part of the VDL family
-Play a role and make a difference in your community
-Be a part of VDL events 

Please email Human Resources at hr@vdldodgeball.ca for more information on how you can become a part of our team

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