New Masters Division for players aged 30 and above!

Posted on December 31, 2014 at 7:41 pm |


Calling all Generation X-ers!

When was the last time you got ID’d at the liquor store? Are all your friends having babies? Do you feel an impending midlife crisis approaching? We dig ya, dudes and dudettes, and boy do we have the place for you to fling and dodge balls around!

VDL is stoked to introduce a brand new category for Season 19: the Masters division for players 30 and above! Playing on Tuesday nights only, the new division will play at a fixed gym location and time slot (either 7pm or 8:30pm, TBD) for the entire season. There will be a greater focus on the recreational aspect of dodgeball, offering new and returning players opportunities to develop professional, personal, and athletic relationships with people of a similar age group.

Basically, we just want to create an environment where you don’t feel bogged down by all the adrenaline and competition streaming off those young punks fighting tooth and nail for the championship belt. Bring out your friends, colleagues, and family to try out the sport you love with easygoing, like-minded people!

To be eligible for the S19 Masters division, all players on the team must be 30 years of age or older by Apr. 25, 2015. Each team is allowed to have ONE player exempt from the age rule (eg. If your team has 7 players on the roster, six must be 30+ and one can be 27).

Sign up your team to be in the Masters category by using this –> Masters registration link <–. Note that only through this link can your team be placed in the 30+ category; your team does not automatically default to play in the Masters category even if all your players are aged 30 and above (and we know because you all sign your waivers)!

If you have already registered a team this season but would like to be placed in the Masters category, or if you have any questions, please email us at register [at]

Catch you on the flip side of the dodgeball court, groovy cats!

*VDL expresses our apologies if anyone born before 1985 was offended by the selection and usage of the slang in this article. It was written by a child of the late 80’s who has very little idea of how “groovy cats” actually talk.

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