Beyond the Opening Rush: Valentine’s Edition

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Let’s face it: dodgeball is kind of a Meat Market.

We’re a community of active and attractive athletes who like nothing more than a night of throwing balls around and having fun. Everyone comes in with a welcoming, open attitude and talks with whoever happens to be standing on the sideline. Your “friends count” on Facebook explodes within a week of entering the dodgeball realm. And if you’re single, you’ll likely find yourself swept up in a wave of dove eyes, coffee invitations, flirtatious texts…and you get completely lost in a sea of dating.

…not speaking from personal experience, of course. Or am I?

Lots of couples have gotten together through VDL, and some that I know have even become engaged or married! Well, I’m not one of them, and though I’ve had my share of dates and brief romantic interludes in my time at VDL, I have no happy ending to write to you about today. (And I’m not looking, thank you, so you can save your breath.)

Which is why, this Beyond the Opening Rush post takes on a slightly different form – it comes from a VDL player like yourself, and his love story is something to make most hearts melt. Not only did our friend Einer win himself a sweet prize pack for his submission, I’ll bet the lady in question will be going all starry-eyed at this Valentine’s declaration:

“My Dodgeball Love Story started this past summer. Earlier in the summer I had gotten out of a long term relationship and I was competitively playing Ultimate Frisbee (I know, not dodgeball. I’ll get there.) I was playing or practicing four or more times a week. Some would say a little excessive. Mid August rolls around and I went with my club team, Black Fish, to the Canadian Nationals in Waterloo. We did really well and made it to the finals. Unfortunately we lost and to add injury to insult, I broke my leg.

Fast forward to October, a few things have happened since August, but more importantly teachers ended their strike and Dodgeball is able to reconvene. (Finally, Dodgeball!!) My Dodgeball friends and I decided to go to Vets night. At this point, my leg is still broken so I cannot play. Seems like everyone has been itching to play some dodgeball since no one was on the sidelines but me. As I jealously watched my friends play I noticed this pretty girl on the sideline. Hard not to notice as she was wearing a red exec shirt. Normally I’m quite shy and I wouldn’t dream of approaching an unknown female but curiosity got the better of me and I asked why she isn’t joining in the festivities. We exchanged pleasantries and eventually she gets me a chair and joins a team.

I will leave out all the boring details but Season 19 is here and we have just started dating.” ~ E. L.

Thanks, Einer! Personally, I think it takes guts for a guy to be so open and upfront about his sentiments, and it shows a rare sense of poise and maturity (that appeal to most women – you’ve got a lucky lady there!) Happy Valentine’s Day, all!

~ Michelle

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