Be an Exec-For-A-Day! (Or two…)

Posted on April 02, 2017 at 9:00 am |

Have you always been interested in being an exec, but just can’t find the time to do it? We get it: on top of dodgeball, school and/or work, dodgeball, friends and family, dodgeball…life can get pretty busy and hectic. But now it’s super easy for you to help out with the league and spread your love of the game, without having to commit all your free time and weekends! Will you step up and answer the call?

We are looking for people to help out our Programs department at occasional dodgeball tournaments in the community. Often, charities, schools, and other groups may reach out to VDL to support tournaments they host. VDL’s Programs department provides guidance, teaches rules, and supplies volunteers to help ref the games. These tournaments range from a few hours to half day,s and mostly consist of brand new players. That’s where you come in!

All these benefits below are why you should jump in on this great opportunity:

  • Give back to the community and earn some karma points

  • Get free food and drinks

  • See what it’s like to be a VDL exec

  • Hang out with some pretty rad people

  • Add to your resume

  • Introduce new players to the game

  • Brush up on your reffing skills

  • Get to know the community better

  • Maybe even play some extra dodgeball?

  • Did we mention FOOD?


Reap all the rewards of being a VDL League Operator…in one day! If you enjoy reffing during regular league nights or have a solid understanding of the rules (or want to learn), we invite you to join us as part of the ‘Exec For a Day’ team! When an opportunity to help out at a tournament comes up, we’ll let you know the dates and format, and if you’re available just sign up and join in on the fun! VDL execs will also be on hand to guide you along the way, and make sure you have a great time while you’re helping out!

Interested? Talk to one of our League Ops or email to learn more!

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