Become a VDL Exec!

Posted on September 30, 2017 at 9:00 am |

VDL is looking for new members to join our big happy exec family! The league would not be as successful and efficient without dedicated players like you!

If you are looking to build your skills set?, expand your resume?, give back to the community, and have a rockin’ good time, become a VDL exec today! Trust us, you’ll come to love dodgeball even more than you already do now!

We currently need some fun and outgoing individuals to lead our gyms (deadline to apply will be December 30th, 2017):
– League coordinators APPLY HERE

If you have any questions, please contact our HR department (

The following positions are available:

League Ops is VDL’s largest department and is primarily responsible for creating a fun and spirited atmosphere for dodgeball at our gyms. League Coordinators are essential in running league nights and ultimately, making VDL work. They are the public face of VDL and therefore, have an important role in representing the organization, setting its positive spirit and communicating its community values.

The League Ops department is currently looking for people who are spirited and can represent the values of VDL. League Coordinator duties include bringing supplies to your given night, ensuring games are run smoothly, collecting score sheets and spirit scores and overall mingling and building a rapport with players. If you have time management and public speaking skills OR if you would like to improve on these skills please apply here!

– The VDL Family



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