S33 – WDBF Division Schedule – Week 5 – Nov 01, 2023 **UPDATED Oct 30, 2023**

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Week 5 – November 1st, 2023

Porter Street Elementary (Map)

645pm GVO Vs. Subtle Humps Bloom
715pm Bloom Vs. Dino-Mite GVO
745pm GVO Vs. Bloom Dino-Mite
815pm Subtle Humps Vs. Dino-Mite GVO
845pm GVO Vs. Dino-Mite Subtle Humps
915pm Subtle Humps Vs. Bloom Dino-Mite



Cedar Drive Elementary (Map)

645pm Hard as Foam Vs. Solo Superstars Eclipse
715pm Eclipse Vs. Nocturnal 2 Hard as Foam
745pm Hard as Foam Vs. Eclipse Nocturnal 2
815pm Solo Superstars Vs. Nocturnal 2 Hard as Foam
845pm Hard as Foam Vs. Nocturnal 2 Solo Superstars
915pm Solo Superstars Vs. Eclipse Nocturnal 2



Pleasantside Elementary (Map)

645pm Cerberus Vs. Nocturnal 1 Vendetta
715pm Vendetta Vs. The Replacements Cerberus
745pm Cerberus Vs. Vendetta The Replacements
815pm Nocturnal 1 Vs. The Replacements Cerberus
845pm Cerberus Vs. The Replacements Nocturnal 1
915pm Nocturnal 1 Vs. Vendetta The Replacements

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