S33 – WDBF Division Schedule – Week 7 – Nov 15, 2023

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Week 7 – November 15th, 2023

Prince Charles Elementary (Map)

645pm Subtle Humps Vs. Bloom GVO
715pm GVO Vs. Dino-Mite Subtle Humps
745pm Subtle Humps Vs. GVO Dino-Mite
815pm Bloom Vs. Dino-Mite Subtle Humps
845pm Subtle Humps Vs. Dino-Mite Bloom
915pm Bloom Vs. GVO Dino-Mite



Betty Huff Elementary (Map)

645pm Nocturnal 1 Vs. Solo Superstars The Replacements
715pm The Replacements Vs. Nocturnal 2 Nocturnal 1
745pm Nocturnal 1 Vs. The Replacements Nocturnal 2
815pm Solo Superstars Vs. Nocturnal 2 Nocturnal 1
845pm Nocturnal 1 Vs. Nocturnal 2 Solo Superstars
915pm Solo Superstars Vs. The Replacements Nocturnal 2



K.B. Woodward Elementary (Map)

645pm Vendetta Vs. Hard as Foam Cerberus
715pm Cerberus Vs. Eclipse Vendetta
745pm Vendetta Vs. Cerberus Eclipse
815pm Hard as Foam Vs. Eclipse Vendetta
845pm Vendetta Vs. Eclipse Hard as Foam
915pm Hard as Foam Vs. Cerberus Eclipse

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